About District

The District of Supaul had been a part of Mithilanchal since the Vedic period. The area has been referred as the fishery area (Matasya Kshetra) in the Hindu mythology. The two oldest democracies namely Angutaran and Apadnigam are known for their existence in the Buddhist era, which comprises of today’s area of district Supaul. Supaul is situated at 25 deg 37’-26 deg 25’ N latitude and 86 deg 22’-87 deg 10’ E longitude. Soil is alluvial type. The river Koshi flows through the district which is consider as the sorrow of not only this area, but whole of the state of Bihar,tilyuga chhaimra,kali,tilawe,bhenga,mirchaiya,sursar are the tributaries to it .The type of soil is sandy. Some where it is acetic and somewhere it is basic in nature. Supaul district in Bihar covers an area of 2,420 sq km.Supaul district is part of the Koshi division.Supaul town is the administrative headquarter of the district. The district is bounded by Nepal in the north, Saharsa in the south, by Araria district in the east and on the west by Madhubani district.